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It's only necessary sign up to enjoy the most interesting online software that can help you to make HTP psychodiagnostics. After registering (choose sign up at nav bar), you can begin to use and discover what it is capable. HTP Test software is intuitively organized, helping make it easy to learn how to use. Content and software is refreshed to give users the most up-to-date features.

In this software, the scores and the interpretation strategy are derived from John N.Buck's book The House-tree-person technique. The operations are very user-friendly and has a on-screen help with all necessaries informations to facilitate scoring. In case of error, no problem: you always can make all corrections.

HTP Teste software was developed to be used by qualified people, with training and experience in HTP assessment. His use in absence of the requisites above may violate the ethical guidelines.

Diagnostics guidelines offered by the software, identify various characteristics of individuals, being just another valid form of contribution to understanding their psychological functioning. However, this guideline does not necessarily apply to all aspects of all people. For a better analysis and preparation of psychodiagnostic report, the professional must seek other sources of information.

All data will be confidential and only the registered user will be able to edit or delete his own information at any time.